Lake of the Woods Golf CourseI just received a really nice call from Bill McClellan, from the LOWA Golf Committee letting me know that Lake of the Woods golf course has its own website.  I never thought of the LOWA golfers having a site dedicated to our course, but then again, I don’t golf.

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This made me start to think….I tell people every day that Lake of the Woods has a “zillion” clubs and activities, and I steer them to our LOWA website.  But, other than Fire & Rescue Bingo about 8 years ago (and Weight Watchers which I have blanked from my mind), I have never been to any of those meetings or activities (remember, I’m a REALTOR – daylight is precious and evenings are for family time).

Of course I read Lake Currents, but there must be websites out there for many of these Lake of the Woods groups.  Email me and tell me what yours is.  Or, if you don’t have a website, just email me at and tell me what your club does and what you are going to be doing in the near future, and how an interested party may get in touch with you to join.  You keep me updated, I’ll keep the community updated.  Deal?

AND, if Lake of the Woods, Virginia, has sites for these activities, are we linked to our sister communities around the country?  What about Lake of the Woods, Wisconsin?  Do they play pickle-ball?  Or Lake of the Woods, Oregon, Minnesota, and Illinois?  How does their clubhouse stack up to ours?  We can even expand internationally to Lake of the Woods, Ontario, and lac des Bois, France.

But we have to start somewhere.  SO, you will now find a link to our very own LOWA Golf Committee under the Community Links area of this blog.  I encourage you to take a click, I mean peek, at what Lake of the Woods, Virginia, has to offer on the green.

And, as always, if you have friends, family or acquaintances who would like to live in a neighborhood that has these really great clubs, have them give me a call.  I would be happy to show them around the Lake!

See you there!

(Disclaimer to the Lake of the Woods in all of the above-mentioned areas – we do not have ice fishing so your club is number 1.  Thank you, sb.)