I have to admit, I don’t get to a lot of the activities at Lake of the Woods.  It’s not because I’m anti-social, it has more to do with lack of time.  I would love to play softball, or knit, or even try yoga but I work from 9 am until 6:30 pm five days a week and on call or cleaning my house on the weekends. 

But, I am able to pop in and give blood to the Red Cross or buy pansies from the Boy Scouts.  Every year I buy tulips and Girl Scout cookies, and do my best to support any group who happens to be selling something for a cause.  Usually because I read about it on the bulletin board at the front entrance.

But somebody stole our bulletin board.

LOW Bulletin Board Now I won’t know that Tuesday is pasta night and Thursday is burger night at the clubhouse.  I won’t know that a production of Mame is being held at the community center or that there is a horse show going on next weekend.  I won’t have a reminder that the back gate is closed for repair or that Lakeview has a detour at Fairway.  The Lions Club will have to post a sign outside of the gate reminding me to pick up cash for maple syrup.  Most upsetting of all, I won’t know when they do fireworks on Flat Run Road.

Life is running faster, the neighborhood changes constantly.  I don’t know the people who just moved in down the street because they are running that daily DC commuter route.  In a time where most announcements are blasted in my face via email, Facebook, Twitter, and, yes, blogs, it was really nice to have that good old bulletin board to remind me that I live in a community.